Two Dixie County residents lend helping hand for Hurricane Michael preparation

Published: Oct. 9, 2018 at 11:48 PM EDT
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Dixie County resident Sherry Coffill says she receives "nothing but gratitude” when helping her community—which she has helped for seven years.

Coffill has been distributing food and personal items from Bread of the Mighty Food Bank to Dixie County through an organization called Heart of a Servant Outreach Ministries.

“Everything that we do, we do as part of a food distribution,” Coffill said. “Food is always there because food brings people together.”

Coffill remembers how the community was in need of food during last year's hurricane and wanted to continue the support.

“We fed a tremendous amount of people,” Coffill said. “A lot of their refrigerators and freezers, they lost everything that was there because the length of time the electricity was out and they were so appreciative.”

Coffill says she is thankful for the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank to be there to distribute food to surrounding counties.

“We're not just doling out food,” Coffill said. “We're assessing needs as people are coming through the line."

A tearful moment happened during the interview when Terrie Ortega who was helping Coffill bring back food to Dixie County remembers how she was in need last year.

"it was because of you that we're doing okay today,” Ortega said to Coffill with tears in her eyes.

Coffill appreciates how Ortega gives back to those in need after she received help.

“The compassionate law enforcement officer asked me if I could help her (Ortega) with food and which we did and now she's a part of our ministry,” Coffill said.

“I'm eager to go help and do what I can because I've been there."

Ortega remembers what a sheriff's deputy told her during her time of need.

“[A] Dixie County sheriff said 'we'll never let your family go hungry' and introduced us to your (Coffill’s) organization. It was precious,” Ortega said.

After hearing what Ortega had to say, Coffill had one last thing she wanted to share.

“This is a blessing,” Coffill said. “This is truly a blessing and when we receive our blessings they multiply."

Ortega and Coffill shows the importance of neighbor helping neighbor just like county helping county in regards to the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank distributing food to other counties.

For more information about Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, visit

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