Txtsignal: a business utilizing the science of a text

Published: Jul. 31, 2018 at 4:00 PM EDT
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Technology advances every day, one medium we might not even realize we use so much is text messaging.

On this tech tuesday, TV20 met with a Gainesville business owner who uses the immediacy of this communication to spread messages across the country.

"We are experts in text messaging," said Matt Donovan, founder and CEO of Txtsignal.

Texting has become a second-nature means of communication...but the founder of a company called Txtsignal says there's a science behind how we use text messages.

"The read rate on a text message is 98% within three minutes of being received, so it has the highest read rate of any electronic media," said Donovan.

Txtsignal uses the power of that small device in our back pocket to communicate with large auduences across the country.

"We have a broad range of different clientel that we help, from the small business owner doing some marketing, to the medium business owner needing to communicate with their employees, all the way up to large organizations like the University of Florida," he continued.

Txtsignal does more than advertising via texts. They help communication within companies, and help from the University of Florida, even projects as large scale as alerting farmers across the state.

"Anytime there's a freeze in the winter, the farmers of florida receive a text alerting them the best time to water their crops," he said. "The University of Florida project is a large project with spread out messaging, but it really just scratches the surface of what we do."

Txtsignal doesn't spam your phone, they only send important messages based on companies you signed up to hear from.

"So in that way, text messaging is better than email, better than social media advertising, there's a much more direct connection."

And understanding how to use that direct connection we have with our phones is what makes text signal unique.