US Congressional District 2 race

A race we're closely watching here at TV20 is US Congressional District
2, which includes Gilchrist, Dixie, and Levy counties, and parts of
Columbia and Marion counties.

Republican incumbent Neal Dunn is facing Democratic challenger Bob

The district runs all the way to Panama City, which was hit hard by
Hurricane Michael.

Both candidates have spent time helping with hurricane relief efforts.
Rackleff stopped by our station and spoke about how he is still
campaigning, even though Dunn has all but stopped.

"There's an election in less than two weeks, and I don't see a real need to stop campaigning. at the same time, I've been to places he hasn't been, and I've been in direct contact with people there who have needed help, and I was glad to help provide that."

Rackleff later made his way to perry for some door-to-door campaigning.

We've reached out to Dunn's campaign for an interview, but have yet to hear back.