UF Engineering Students Build Espresso Machine

UF engineering students are learning what espresso and engines have in common.
Mechanical and aerospace engineering seniors got a chance to show off 3 espresso machines they designed and built this semester.
Students got experience in not only designing but building the machine that could help them pull off much bigger projects in the future-- such as building engines.
"so it was always a learning process where I'd try something, fail, a lot, and then keep going. The only reason this thing works is because we failed a bunch of times before this. " -Derek Hood, UF Student
The project was funded by Aerospace giant, Northrop Grumman and Cummins, who build generators and diesel engines.
The thermal systems from the espresso machine correlate with that of a jet engine.
This is the first time students at UF have successfully created a fully- functional espresso machine.