UF Health Shands talks ways to avoid respiratory infection in wake of coronavirus

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 5:16 PM EST
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The CDC announced the second known case of the coronavirus in the US on Friday.

While medical professionals are still unsure about many aspects of this virus, they say that one thing that makes the new coronavirus different is its ability to cause pneumonia as well as to mutate.

While no cases have been found yet in Florida, the concern with respiratory infections are their ability to spread easily even before symptoms show.

"Probably the easiest things to do are to avoid crowds. If people are sick, sneezing, stay away from them. Hygiene is very very important and probably the most important thing is to wash your hands and wash them properly," said Dr. John Lednicky, an aerovirology research professor at UF Health Shands.

Symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to the common cold and flu, including sneezing, coughing and fevers.

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