UF Implementing 30 Million Dollars Towards Security Upgrades

Published: Jul. 24, 2019 at 6:05 PM EDT
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As a top 10 public institution, the University of Florida is looking to improve all aspects of the university to rise even higher in the rankings. One of those aspects is the security around campus.

The university will be putting 30 million dollars towards new security cameras, access control, and license plate readers.

The university already has approximately 1000 security cameras around campus and they are planning to add an additional 1700 over the next five years.

Joseph Souza, director of physical security at UF says the intention for the license plate readers going in at the university will allow our university police to get early detection as to when wanted persons or stolen vehicles enter the campus perimeter.

Another major aspect of the project is to enhance the security around academic buildings and student dorms and enhancements to the gator 1 id card. The university is also making renovations to their global security operations center, which will allow for real time monitoring of the security systems.

The upgrades are part of the university's mission to become a best in class university with regards to security to augment its top 10 academic ranking.