All UF classes may go online later this semester due to coronavirus concerns

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - The University of Florida continues to remain concerned about the coronavirus especially after spring break when students had the opportunity to travel abroad.

Now UF is informing professors to take classes online. TV20 has obtained an email sent by the provost to professors at UF encouraging them to start preparing classes to go online for the rest of the semester and some professors at UF tell TV20 they have already transitioned into classes online.

Last week, UF sent a mass email to students, faculty, and staff stating anybody who traveled to coronavirus prone areas would not be permitted on campus for 14 days. Some students say the threat of the virus didn’t hinder their spring break plans.

Kendall Brockelman, a freshman at UF, says, “me and my family went to Mexico this spring break and we had heard that there might be coronavirus there but we didn't really consider canceling it because it wasn’t a huge deal yet. So we went through with our trip."

Other students say the virus hasn't had too much impact on their travel plans… but they have still not received some items they purchased online.

Hunter Pifer and Sean Eunice, juniors at UF, say, “it took two months for this dress that I ordered to come in because the scare. We had paid for expedited shipping and all that but it took forever because they were holding it confiscated. Yeah and I ordered a phone case on Amazon and it was completely confiscated and it's in a holding center somewhere and I don’t really know what that means.”

So far, UF officials are saying it doesn’t appear anyone who traveled for spring break has brought the virus back, but if it does make its way onto campus, they have a plan.

Steve Orlando says, “clearly this all a little bit of uncharted territory for everybody who is dealing with it. But at the same time, the university's leadership is meeting regularly to look at what those contingency plans would look like. For instance, if you look at the University of Washington, they announced last week that they are going to online classes for the rest of their semester.”

Students also tell me they have mixed feelings about the university going to online classes for the rest of the semester and feel UF has done a great job communicating to students about the virus.

There are still no reported cases of the coronavirus in North Central Florida.

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