UF agricultural researchers cultivate industrial hemp

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ALACHUA CO., Fla., (WCJB) -- With the help of state lawmakers, industrial hemp is now a growing crop across the state of Florida. A new law makes it legal for state industrial programs to administer and oversee the cultivation of hemp.

Researchers at the University of Florida are growing industrial hemp.
Industrial hemp is not marijuana, but they are the same species of plant. One key difference is its chemical makeup.

"Industrial hemp itself is a low THC portion of cannabis sativa and this is the particular plant species that we're working with trying to understand its growth and development," said Jerry Fankhauser, Lead Oversight Manager for UF's IFAS Industrial Hemp pilot project.

IFAS will hold an industrial hemp workshop and field day on July 30th. Those who attend will get to hear about UF's research efforts and there will also be a tour of the hemp field. For that information check the related links tab on the article.

"We're excited about the work that we're doing here and thankful for the opportunity with the funding and the legislative from the state we hope the science that we're doing out here and what we come up with is helpful for growers in the state of Florida," said Fankhauser.