UF honor students mix magic with chemistry at Harry Potter-themed camp

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- The school is UF, not Hogwarts, but today was the start of a magical three days for incoming honor students partaking in a Harry Potter-themed "camp."

The Harry Potter honor camp has participants earning one early college credit while also getting a chance to find friends with similar passions.
Students were placed into different "houses" or groups after a sorting ceremony using chemistry.
They also saw how various gases react to fire and how different compounds can create different colors of flame, like fireworks.

Amelia Bunnell is the Camp Director who explained why they try to make all the experiments exciting. "It's open for any major you don't have to be a science major there's a whole bunch of people in the class who are like political science or history and theatre and music majors. So they're not going to get the same lab experiences that a lot of the chemistry or biology students might get.

The course does have regular tuition costs plus an extra 50 dollars for materials. Students spend roughly 12 hours a day doing experiments in labs.
This honor camp is expected to be available next fall semester as well.