UF hosts small business workshops for local business success

Many in the North Central Florida community take pride in supporting small and local businesses.

The University of Florida Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations department is doing their best to make sure more small businesses get started and stay successful.

"There's so much more from legal, financing, labor laws, workers comps, there's so many other aspects that impact your business, that can seem very overwhelming as you first start, so the workshops were a great resource," said Seyi Falade, Cornerstone Barricades Executive DIrector.

Each month the UF Small Business and Vendor Diversity Relations department hold workshops to target different tools to help startups get started.

"Whether you decide to do business with us or somebody else, we're here as an entrepreneurial resource to help you build, grow, and sustain your business," said Kathey Porter, Director of the department.

The next workshop will focus on entrepreneurial resources in Gainesville and will be held Thursday, June 28th, 2018.

For more information on workshops and how to sign up visit: