UF residence hall assistant released after battery and imprisonment charges

Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo faces an initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon in El Paso on...
Jose Antonio Torres Marrufo faces an initial court appearance Wednesday afternoon in El Paso on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping, money laundering and drug distribution. (Photo: Pixabay)(KOSA)
Published: Sep. 9, 2019 at 4:01 PM EDT
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University of Florida residence hall assistant, Ian Milaski, has been released on his own recognizance after being arrested on August 29th and charged with simple battery and false imprisonment.

On August 28th, a victim contacted UFPD who stated, her acquaintance and RA, Ian Milaski, attempted to sexually batter her on August 25th, 2019 at his dorm room.

According to the victim, Milaski called her and told her he was drunk and needed water. The victim says when she walked Milaski back to his room he tried to “make out” with her and when she refused, Milaski pulled on her wrist and told her “I want to sleep with you.” The victim also says she told him to stop and let her leave the room and he refused. The victim says she got closer to leaving the room but then Milaski grabbed her, picked her off the ground and placed her on the bed and tried to sexual batter her. She was finally able to escape and run out of the room.

The victim was able to ask her roommate and another friend to stay with her in her room. The victim says she heard a noise when everyone was sleeping and saw an outline of a person in the doorway of her dorm room. She then realized it was Milaski, and she says he tried to lay next to her and she yelled at him to leave.

That was when the victim’s friend woke up and yelled at Milaski to leave.

The judge granted Milaski's motion that asked to reduce his initial bond of 125,000 in light of the "hurricane threatening his southern Florida home, his obligations as a double-major senior at the University of Florida."

The emergency motion to reduce bond also describes Milaski as a “high-achieving student” who is “slated to graduate in May 2020 with degrees in both business administration and economics” and has “personally performed more than 210 hours of community service in the last two years."

The judge has ordered Milaski to have no contact with the victim, as ordered at 1st appearance.

He must also not return to Alachua County or Sarasota County except for court appointments and to attend "necessary events” at UF.