UF student arrested for threatening to conduct mass shooting at Virginia Tech

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 11:07 PM EDT
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A University of Florida student living in Bowling Green, Florida, is behind bars after threatening to commit a mass shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University over the weekend.

Bowling Green police arrested James Kelly, 36, after receiving his emails from the UF police department. Kelly is accused of planning to conduct a mass shooting at Virginia Tech, according to a Bowling Green police arrest report.

Kelly addressed his email to a reporter at Independent Florida Alligator who investigated his threats to sexually assault another student.

In an email sent Friday morning from Kelly’s UF email address, he attached a document titled “school shooting (draft)”. In the attachment, he demanded the article use his preferred transgender name, “Lacey McTease” instead of his legal one.

If changes were not made to the article, Kelly said it would lead to “the needless deaths of all future VT students.”

During the time of the Parkland shooting, Kelly said he had been “Baker acted” and called Virginia Tech while admitted to a mental hospital.

Later on, Kelly referred to himself as “the most powerful student at UF” and a “prophet of god.”

He referenced the Virginia Tech shooter’s manifesto saying that he will create his own. His planned manifesto listed demands such as “remove women’s right to vote” and “must have a government official declare that Sandy Hook was a hoax.”

He is arrested on charges of writing threats to kill, do bodily injury or conduct a mass shooting or an act of terrorism.

Kelly is booked in the Hardee County jail with a bond set at $5,000.