UF student invents electric bike different from the rest

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GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) -- It's certainly nothing new to Gainesville...traffic and parking can be a hassle.

But one UF senior is working toward production of something that could make a commute to class a lot easier.

It's an electric bike that can be ridden on the street, or a trail, has a battery life of 100 hours, and can get up to 45 miles per hour.

“I’ve always been obsessed, and had this fascination with electric vehicles,” said Juan Ehringer, the founder of REVA Electric.

Ehringer invented an electric bike...but the road to this invention began with an electric car that he built himself. But after moving to Gainesville, the car wasn't convenient...so he got a bike, but he said it made him too sweaty. Then he got a small engine to put on it. Well, he referred to that as a “vibrating death machine flying down the road.”

Then onto a scooter, and a motorcycle, but the parking and maintenance issues never waned. Until he finished his electric bike.

“To ride it, you can ride it like a bicycle, and there’s three different power modes,” Ehringer explained.

It has a throttle and a battery, so you can go over 40 miles per hour. But he uses a different way to slow the bike down. When you press on the brakes, it turns into a generator that reverses the energy and charges the bike's battery.

“We put a lot of our effort and energy into the design and the electronics,” Ehringer said.

And when it needs to be recharged, you just plug it in... butit costs a pretty penny to charge it Well, only fourteen pennies to charge the battery all they way.

“Riding bikes is fun, and this just takes away the unpleasant parts that you might not enjoy," he said, "But if you want to write a bike you can use this as a normal bike.”

Ehringer and his team are using crowdfunding sources to raise money for production.

“Doing this opens up so many channels of transportation that otherwise weren’t really accessible,” said Ehringer.

Now he'll help fellow Gators get to class, work, and their parking spots a lot easier.