UF student offers free math help during COVID-19 pandemic

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Over the past few weeks, parents in North Central Florida have been wondering how to keep their kids busy while COVID-19 restrictions keep them out of the classroom. One UF student says he has the plan … and all you need is a computer.

Patrick Gilmartin's junior year at UF got cut short due to COVID-19 restrictions. While his classes were able to go online, he realized younger Florida students didn't have the same access. So, he began to brainstorm ways he could use technology to help them stay on top of their education too.

"It sort of leaves students in a place where they don't really know what's next ... and what the rest of the year is going to look like ... and if they're going to get the education that they need for this year," Patrick said.

Patrick works with students once or twice a week virtually, making personalized lesson plans for each student, based on where the students left off in their school textbooks.

"The good thing about this is I get to create individualized lesson plans, so a student isn't bored in a classroom learning stuff they may have already known," Patrick said.

As far as which topics he can help with ...
"Anything from algebra one, algebra two, intro to statistics, or pre-algebra," he said.

While he's committed to helping local families get through these next few weeks, he sees his program going beyond just the end of the school year.

"As far as a long term timeline goes, I will be working with them probably through the summer ... and I don't have plans for fall but I could also continue this through the fall," he said.

As for the price? All services are free. Reach out to Patrick by email pgilmartin@ufl.edu