URGENT: Blood donations needed to supply local hospitals

GAINESVILLE, Fla., (WCJB) --- Every few seconds someone in the united states needs a transfusion of blood. One donation can save up to three lives and that's the message LifeSouth Community Blood Center is sending.

Blood donations are in urgent need. LifeSouth is asking the community to please come out and donate. LifeSouth supplies 100% of the blood in the hospitals here in Gainesville.

"We have a critical need for blood right now, especially the type O blood. We have patients at our local hospitals who are using a lot of blood and right now we don't have the blood to be able to safely supply our hospitals," stated Laura Bialeck, District Community Development Coordinator at LifeSouth.

Blood will go to current patients in need, then the rest will be saved for future use. If you are looking to donate, there a few requirements you must first meet.

"To donate blood you would need to be at least 16 years old with a parental form or you can be 17 to donate on your own. You'll need a valid drivers license or a photo id and weight at least 110 pounds," stated Bialeck.

To find a blood drive or donation center, you can visit lifesouth.org.