USDA releases anticipated August report

USDA Crops Branch Chief Lance Honig details report findings in an interview. (Source: Gray DC)
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WASHINGTON (GrayDC) Between trade talks and unpredictable weather, it’s been a challenging season for farmers this year. And now, there is data to prove it.

Monday morning, the USDA released its’ monthly crop prediction and estimation report. The numbers say corn, soybean, and cotton production fell significantly compared to early summer projections.

One reason, USDA Crops Branch Chief Lance Honig says, is the unseasonably wet Spring, which kept farmers from utilizing nearly 5 million acres of land, overall.

“Obviously a lot of rain this year delayed plantings. We see some of that every year. Really the big difference this year is how wide spread it is," said Honig. "It’ll be a tough year but farmers are pretty resilient and they will bounce back and look forward to next season.”

The next report will be released on September 12th.

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