Uncertainty in Levy Co. surrounding proposed project for new toll road

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LEVY, Co., Fla., (WCJB) -- Concerns over alleged lack of information about a possible toll road in Levy County has some residents unhappy.

FDOT representatives were at the county's commission meeting to give a status update on a possible toll road that would go through the county.

"We don't want to be NYC, we don't want to be Miami. We want to be Levy County and remain that way,", said Robbie Blake, a longtime county resident.

Robbie Blake has lived in Levy County for decades and says the Florida Department of Transportation's proposed project to have a toll road pass through the county isn't necessary.

"They're talking about a full-on toll road coming through Levy County. We have a road 1998 which if everybody can observe runs right through the middle of levy county goes through," said Blake.

While FDOT reps say the program is currently only in the pre-planning phase, county commissioners say the lack of information has the community feeling skeptical about the idea.

"These people don't want the road and I serve these people so I'm just really adamant about were we gone put it, said Mike Joyner, Commissioner District #3.

"39 people gone be deciding about where a road goes through a county that they don't live in, why is that?," said Rock Weeks, Commissioner District #2.

Concerns over wildlife disruption and the county's historic preservation were also discussed in the case that the project becomes a reality.

There will be monthly meetings, according to the FDOT reps — to keep commissioners and residents informed about the potential positive and negative impact of the proposed toll road.