Unemployment numbers show North Central Florida at record low

Published: Jan. 24, 2020 at 10:45 PM EST
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Business leaders came together for the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting.

Gainesville Chamber of Commerce President Eric Godet says the night will be a celebratory one.

"Tonight, we are really excited, we are celebrating our 96th year as a chamber here in the Greater Gainesville area, and with that, we are really focusing on our next five-year strategy which is Collaboration 2025," he said.

The night, not only looks to the future but celebrates progress.

That progress comes with Alachua County's unemployment rate remaining steady at an all-time low.

Florida Credit Union President Mark Starr said, "The projections for 2020 are really strong economy, no recession and...when the country does have a mild recession over the next 3- to 4- years, I think Florida will feel it very lightly and Alachua County even less."

But, with these numbers of praise, come things to work on.

Godet said, "It also, you know, shows us a lot of areas of opportunity that we have as a community because we can have a lot of jobs that are open about 4,800 in the Gainesville area within our Alachua County, but we also have a disconnect with those looking for jobs and the skills needed for those jobs that are opening."

It isn't just Alachua County, North Central Florida's average unemployment rate is 2.8 percent.

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