Union County School District holds reunification drills

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 6:45 PM EST
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"We hope and pray that we never have to go through a bad situation but we are prepared for it if we do," said Sheriff Brad Whitehead, Union County Sheriff's Office.

Nearly 2000 students loaded school buses and were transported to the Lake Butler Community Center and then back to school as part of the drill.

"In this day and time, the different school shootings, we just want to have our kids prepared, small chance that this would ever happen, but we practice lockdowns, we practice reunification drills, we practice getting ready for anything that could happen, whether it be a fire, a stranger or a shooter on campus," said Carlton Faulk, superintendent for Union Co. Schools.

Deputies told TV20 that they've conducted these drills in the past and that its this training that will prepare everyone in case there's a real emergency.

"These drills are mandated for the state so it's once a year for this type of drill and then monthly we have certain drills that we're required to do as well and that we do," said Whitehead.

The drills were a practice run to better prepare all agencies that would help reunite students with their families in the case of an emergency.

"You got to be prepared when things come, because you never know one day something might happen and if you're not ready, then they're putting all the students in danger and that's not a good thing," said JB Godwin, a senior at Union Co. High School.

"It's very important it saves lives, it's been proven to save lives and that's definitely like a major thing that's very important to our district and the state of Florida as a whole," said Reagan Robinson, a freshman at Union Co. High School.