Verdict reached in Gilchrist County murder trial

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TRENTON, Fla.(WCJB)-- It took five years and a span of three trials, but a family has some closure. 58-year-old Michael Porter was accused of killing 55-year-old, Joyce Burrow back in 2013.
And now a jury has found him guilty.

Porter was arrested after a Gilchrist County Sheriff's Office investigation in August of 2013 for a murder, sexual battery, and burglary in Bell.

The investigation alleged the former truck driver had sexually battered Burrow then left her in the driveway.

According to TV20 records, an investigation into his criminal record revealed Porter was convicted in 1988 of several charges including sexual battery in Pasco County.

At that time, he had been sentenced to life in prison without parole.
But in 2002, the conviction was overturned, and Porter was set free when a court of appeals found his due process rights were violated when several police reports were not given to him during the trial.

But now, justice has been served in the Burrow case.
The trial lasted for three days and it took four hours for the jury to reach a verdict.