Veterans remember Pearl Harbor 76 years later

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GAINESVILLE Fla. (WCJB) - On December 7th, we remember Pearl Harbor and the attack on the U.S. Hawaiian naval base. Some local veterans took the time to remember "the day that lives in infamy."

"Pearl Harbor Day is such a significant day for not only the United States of America but the entire world," WWII Veteran Bob Gasche said.

When Japanese forces bombed the U.S naval base in Hawaii, Gasche wasn't on the front lines, yet.

"I was sitting in a car listening to the radio and somebody said Pearl Harbor had been bombed," Gasche said. "[I thought] so what? I didn't know what it was or where. But we soon found out."

He along with many other veterans in Gainesville met to remember. The 92-year-old had the honor of laying the wreath, paying respect to the more than 2,400 American lives lost that day.

Gasche entered WWII as a marine in 1942, and today works with many local veterans groups.

"He's kinda the unofficial veteran's community leader," said Korean War Veteran Don Sherry. "If you look out at the two roads coming in and out of the park they're both named after Bob Gasche."

He holds on to memories of a nation that came together... And won.

"Seeing that flag flying there still almost brings tears to my eyes. Because it was such a tremendous moment of my life," Gasche said. "To see our American flag flying atop 550-foot Mt. Suribachi on the Island of Iwo Jima."

He hopes we continue to remember Pearl Harbor.

"This is something that I would like to leave with people," Gasche said. "To love your country."