Victim's family pushes for death penalty in Bannister case

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MARION COUNTY, Fla. A day after James Bannister was found guilty of four charges of first degree murder and one count of arson, victims' families, now pushing for him to get the death penalty over life in prison.

The family members say only then will justice be served.

After 6 long years, Frank Brown and his family say they've finally got the answers they've been looking for.

"We the jury finds as follows to count one of the charge, the defendant is guilty of murder to the first degree premeditated."

Frank Brown said, "When it came down and they said he was guilty it just proved to me who was really in charge."

James Bannister was found guilty on four counts of first degree murder and one count of arson.

And after having time to think it over, Brown says his family and the state attorney's office are pushing for bannister to be sentenced to death.

Frank Brown said, "My sister and my niece and the two other kids can't say anything at this point. They're lives are over and the chapter in their books are closed. And now we're the ones that still have to move on from this.”

The sentencing phase of bannister's trial will begin on Monday.

And the same jury that convicted him will now be tasked with deciding whether he should be sentenced to death, or face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Per Florida’s new rule the jury must be unanimous in favor of capital punishment in order to sentence Bannister to die.

Frank Brown said, "We'll be there and that's the only thing I can say you know, we'll be there until the end of this journey."