Virginia teen overcomes loss to be accepted into 14 colleges, including several Ivy Leagues

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HANOVER, Va. (WWBT) - Tyler McCormick is receiving a big reward for his years of hard work.

Virginia teen overcomes the loss of his brother to get accepted into 14 colleges. (Source: WWBT)

McCormick has been accepted to 14 universities, including several Ivy League schools.

“College was always the first step for me and completing that goal,” said the Virginia high school senior.

But the journey to success wasn't an easy one for McCormick. His brother died of complications from cerebral palsy just as McCormick started high school.

“My brother was always a big part of my life and him passing away my freshman year was a big motivator for me after that,” said McCormick.

Dealing with that pain motivated him to pursue the medical field in hopes of helping other kids like his brother and create a legacy for his family.

“When I sat down with him to apply, I took a breath and was like ‘Wow,’" said Marlon McCormick, Tyler McCormick's father. “I think it breaks the stereotype of that of young black men, period.”

“I just want to make sure that the community I’m going to be a part of is accepting of me," said Tyler McCormick.

In the coming months, he will walk across the stage at his high school with a 4.6 GPA.

“Ever since I was in elementary school, I was always pressed to make sure I get all As and that just kind of carried on into high school,” said Tyler McCormick.

“We are more than proud of him, words can’t really explain it,” said Crystal and Marlon McCormick, Tyler McCormick’s parents.

Out of those 14 universities, five of those schools are top 15 schools in the country and three of them are Ivy League.

“When we saw him open up the true acceptance letters it was humbling," said Crystal and Marlon McCormick.

Here’s the full list of universities Tyler was accepted to:

  • Brown University

  • Cornell University

  • Fordham

  • George Mason

  • Georgetown

  • Hampton University

  • High Point

  • Hofstra

  • University of Kentucky

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • University of Virginia

  • William and Mary 

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