Volunteers clean out a sinkhole filled with trash

FORT WHITE, Fla. (WCJB) - A group of volunteers met in Fort White Saturday morning to help clean up a sinkhole that's been used as an illegal garbage dump for decades.

The landowner says he's been trying to get people to stop dumping their trash on his land for years.

The local organization is called "current problems" and is trying to not only get rid of the trash but show people how the trash can affect everyone living in the area.

The water that flows into this sinkhole will become drinking water for people that live in this area or it will flow out into the Santa Fe River and our springs.

The sinkhole is roughly 90 feet deep and its sides are very steep but volunteers are doing whatever they can to get the thousands of pounds of waste to a less harmful location.

There were about 25 volunteers on Saturday, they arrived around 8 o'clock in the morning. They had pulleys, winches, ropes, and four-wheeled machines that are helping to drag trash out. Some of the things they removed are mattresses, sofas, household trash, stuffed animals, tires, and toilets.

The job is so big, volunteers will be back at it again next Saturday morning.