Wells Fargo outage affects customers in North Central Florida on pay day

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- Many residents of North Central Florida have had a tough time accessing their bank accounts this week. The nation's third-largest bank is scrambling to fix issues with online banking after an outage Thursday.

As pay day arrived Friday, many Wells Fargo customers were not able to view their checks. Alachua County employees were affected, with an e-mail from the county's human resources department going out to all county commissioners.

In the e-mail, the county advised employees to bring concerns to Wells Fargo.

The outage occurred after smoke entered a data-center where maintenance was taking place. The system automatically shut down, with online banking, ATMs and the bank's mobile application affected.

"It's kind of frustrating," said Alexis Pastore, a Wells Fargo customer. "It's really important for me to budget and make sure I'm spending my money wisely. If I can't check my balance, it's kind of hard making those purchases."

On Twitter, the company apologized for "letting down" their customers. The bank also said the issue is not related to cybersecurity, and that longer wait times should be expected when reaching out to customer service representatives.

Meanwhile, for county employees, the issue is in the hands of Wells Fargo. In the statement released, the bank said the problem lies in viewing balances, but that the money should be there.

"The money exists. It exists digitally and it's not in our account any longer," said Alachua County Spokesperson Mark Sexton. "It's in some sort of cur at Wells Fargo waiting for them to process it."

Wells Fargo extended hours at branches Friday, as well as those open Saturday. The bank said the problem should be fixed, but that the users can expect interruptions and delays on the mobile app for the time being.