What's Growing On: Purchasing Holiday Plants

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 4:53 PM EST
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With Christmas now less than two weeks away, it’s about time to start purchasing your winter plants.

There are a wide variety of plants that can survive here in the winter and bring some life to your home starting with a holiday classic, poinsettias. They are very easy to keep as house plants or porch plants. They should= be brought inside if it goes below 45-50 degrees. “

If you take good care of your poinsettias, they can last throughout the year and even multiple years. Experts recommend keeping them indoors throughout the winter.

Judy Brown Burch, manager at Garden Gate Nursery, says, “you’re better off if you keep them as a house plant and just keep them watered and taken care of as any other house plant and when it warms up in the spring, you can plant them out in your yard.“

Poinsettias also have other colors to compliment the popular red but there are also other plants gaining popularity for the holidays. One of those plants is the geranium, which is slightly easier to care for than poinsettias.

Brown Burch says, "germaniums are tougher than poinsettias when they're hanging outside. They can’t take freezing temperatures either, but a geranium, you could tuck up on your porch next to your house and they’re not as frail as a greenhouse-grown poinsettia is.”

Like poinsettias, geraniums can for several years if taken care of properly. One final plant you may want to consider this year to add to your holiday collection is the Christmas Cactus.

Brown Burch says, "they do better once you use them indoors, and you get your bloom during the holidays. They really do better outdoors during the summer and into the fall.”

If you happen to miss your chance to get some of these plants in time for the Christmas season, they still would be a great addition to your home and add great color for Valentine's day.

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