Whats Growing On: Winter is Coming

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LAKE CITY, Fla. (WCJB) - It may still feel like the middle of summer across North-Central Florida, but winter is coming and now is the time to prepare.

Scott Curry, of G&S Nursery in Lake City, has some tips to keep some of your already planted shrubs and plants from dying this winter.

He says, “stop fertilizing. If you fertilize with a heavy fertilizer, you're going to push the growth out of your plants. Another big key is stop trimming your plants so hard. It doesn’t mean you don’t trim a little bit off of it, but if you trim your plants the same you trimmed them all summer, your pushing growth and then when that first freeze comes, its more likely to kill the plants. “

It is also important to stay wary of the plants sold in the retail chains because even though they may look the prettiest, they will only survive for the next month or two.

On average, the first freeze of the year generally happens in early December, but have happened as early as Halloween in years past, so now is the time to start preparing.