What's Growing on: Northwest Grille

Chris Fennell is the owner and head chef at Northwest Grille in Gainesville, a popular seafood joint that's been around for decades

They serve up traditional favorites like shrimp scampi and blackened fish, but what makes them standout is the work that goes into every dish

From side salads to the main course, every item is given its own personal touch

Chris says it's what sets them apart from chain restaurants that prepare frozen dishes

"We take a lot of pride in our side items and everything we make, and i feel like everything you order here should be good and should be tasty and should be flavorful," says Fennell.

His employees share the same values, which keeps everyone working hard to better themselves each day, and for Chris, the best part is knowing what they can give back to the people who matter most.

You can learn more about Northwest Grille at: http://www.northwestgrillegainesville.com