Where to donate for the Bahamas in NCFL

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- Here you will find the list of places collecting donations for the Bahamas in North Central Florida.

Boys and Girls Club Northwest Unit
- For contact information: valeriew@myboysandgirlsclub.com
- 2661 NW 51st Street Gainesville, FL 32607
They are collecting:
- Canned food
- Bottled water
- Flashlights
- First aid kits
- Batteries
- Baby food
- Baby wipes
- Formula
- Diapers
- Mosquito repellants
- Deodorants
- Toothpaste
- Toothbrushes
- Blankets
- Clothing

Southeastern Grocers (the parent company of local Winn-Dixie stores) launched a community donation program in all stores to raise funds for the American Red Cross.
- Donations can be taken to all local Winn-Dixie stores to help those affected by the impact of Hurricane Dorian.

Honda of Lake City is working with the Bahamas relief operation out of Miami. They will be collecting:
- Toiletries
- Diapers
- First aid items
- Canned goods
- Box Fans
- Leatherwork gloves
- Hand sanitizer
- Water
- Cleaning supplies
- Tents
- Generators

Mi Apa Latin Cafe is pulling its resources to deliver aid to the Bahamas.

Global Empowerment Mission is based out of Miami and they specialize in getting aid to areas that have been impacted by devastations. Mi Apa is asking the community to donate items from their list.

You can drop off at their Gainesville location 114 SW 34th Street in Gainesville and their Alachua location is at 15634 US-441 near downtown Alachua.

The Alachua location is also partnering with the Alachua Chamber of Commerce in an effort to maximize donations.

Donations will be accepted 7 days a week as long as the donations are coming in.

-Life Jackets/Floatation Device
-Large sturdy waterproof bags
-Heavy-duty garbage bags
-Solar fans/lights
-Large tarps
-Chain saws
-Fuel/oil for generators
-Nonperishable food items
-Dry formula and dry milk products
-Cleaning supplies
-Mold remediation items
-Hygiene products
-Feminine products
-First aid items and kits
-Advil, Tylenol
-Hand sanitizer
-Medical gloves
-Diapers and Wipes
-Baby food and formula
-Pedialite (powder packs)
-Gatoraide/Electrolytes/hydration powder
-Rehydration salts
-Batteries (especially D)
-Solar battery and solar chargers
-30 gal storage containers
-Plastic wrap
-Duct tape/packing tape
-Solar floodlights
-Hand saws
-Work gloves
-Can openers
-Sanitizer/Sanitizer wipes
-Water purification devices
-Disposable plates and cups
-Camp stoves
-Butane tanks
-Pet food canned and dry
-Toilet paper

If you know of more places, email pmatamoros@wcjb.com with the information.