Where's Wade?: Florida Museum of Natural History

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 6:30 PM EST
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This week it's not "Where's Wade?" but: "When's Wade?

She went to where history and science collide: The Florida Museum of Natural History's "Permian Monsters" exhibit.

Darcie MacMahon, director of exhibits for the museum, says that what they have to show people about what life was like before the dinosaurs

"We have more than 40 million objects in our scientific collection," claimed MacMahon.

The Permian period is the last period of the Paleozoic era, and was right before the Triassic period, which saw the rise of dinosaurs.

And the 'monsters' aren't the only attraction the exhibit has to offer.

"You can also see what it's like in the Florida caves, you can visit our discovery zone for young children and families," said MacMahon, adding, that it, "...helps you to imagine what it might have been like at that time."

And while you are learning, you are also supporting a number of studies.

"This is the state museum of natural history, and it's also the university natural history museum, so we do a lot of research," said Machon.

MacMahon says that some visitors have compared this exhibit to a more well-known museum of natural history in Washington, DC.

"I got a call from somebody and they said, I've been to the Smithsonian and this is way better."