Where's Wade?: Santa Fe Zoo

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)-- If you're looking spend a day with unique wildlife, we have an idea that has all the thrills of a big zoo, but on a fun-size scale and is closer to home.

In this week's "Where's Wade?" TV20's Haley Wade takes us to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo.

Tucked away from classrooms and corridors sits an even wilder-side of the college-campus scene. And it happens to be the perfect place for a small-scale safari it's interesting for us, and for a small child, it's fabulous.

While it's size may not match up to bigger wildlife parks, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo offers just as much to do, see, and hear.

Jade Salamon a conservation specialist said, "we have over 70 species, over 200 animals you can view."

Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo is an incredibly unique zoo besides animals, you'll probably notice green polo-clad people making their rounds.

"We have zookeepers out there that want to talk to you and teach you about our animals those keepers are students working their way toward zoology degrees," said Salamon. "Much like bigger zoos, we offer programs like animal encounters and birthday parties."

Our personal favorite? Hanging out with the Galapagos tortoises

In order to keep things safe for student keepers, you won't always see the usual zoo-animals here.

"We may not have lions and tigers like our guests sometimes ask about, but instead we'll have ocelots and caracals. My favorite animal at the zoo changes on a daily basis probably," said Salamon.

If you want to get in-touch with your wild-side, consider visiting the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo