Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Event

A "Wild Horses and Burros Adoption Event" is taking place this weekend.

The event will be at the Southeastern Livestock Pavillion in Ocala, where people can adopt animals once their application is approved and 125- dollar adoption fee is paid. All of the horses are rounded up from Western states where wild horses have overpopulated the ranges, and the Bureau of Land Management hopes to find homes for them.

"These horses belong to America. These are the original horses, or the descendants of the original horses that came over with the Spaniards, and moved west with the pioneers; these are these horses. The ones that the cowboys road in the 1800's, this is what they rode, these are America's horses. They belong to the American people."

The adoption event will continue tomorrow from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.