Williston's Regional General Hospital has a new management company

WILLISTON, Fla (WCJB) -- TV20 has learned that Regional General Hospital in Williston has a new management company, and the owner got a big payday as a result.

Documents filed with the security and exchange commission show the owner of RGH, Jorge Perez, sold management rights of the hospital to "iHealthcare" of Miami on January 7th.

SEC documents show Perez was director of iHealthcare until January 31st.

Perez received what they called a 780-thousand dollar "Success fee."

RGH CEO Raj Ravi was unavailable for comment.

Williston city officials say Regional General remained on schedule with another payment on its overdue utility bill this afternoon.

Meanwhile, a hospital in Kansas that had been managed by a Jorge Perez company has closed.

The Kansas City Star reports Oswego Community Hospital shut down yesterday... Because of cash flow problems.

In an email, the hospital's board of directors did not mention Perez's "Empower HMS," which had managed the Oswego until recently.

TV20 has reported on six other Perez hospitals, including Regional
General, struggling with finances in the past month