Woman arrested for fighting with Publix employees

A woman from Newberry was arrested after she fought with employees of a Publix.

Alachua County Sheriffs deputies say Janine Farnsworth went into the Publix on Newberry Road around ten o'clock Friday night and was told the store was closed.

Deputies say she pushed the Publix employees aside.

Deputies say Farnsworth then tried to knee an employee in the groin and grabbed another one and pulled him across the store.

Deputies say Farnsworth continued her rampage...Running up and down aisles and destroying nearly $200 worth of merchandise.

When deputies arrived they say she also tried kicking and hitting them.

"When law enforcement arrived, she was waiting by the shopping cart area and she was ultimately taken into custody. She had been drinking, so we had her checked out at the hospital before she was transported to the jail," said ASO spokesperson, Sgt. Brett Rhodenizer.

She faces many charges including battery and burglary.