You Grow It, I'll Cook It: Using Your Blender for Fall Recipes

Published: Oct. 17, 2018 at 6:38 PM EDT
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Stefanie Samara Hamblen, the owner, and creator of Hogtown HomeGrown, explains how to cook a few locally inspired dishes in this Cooking Class.

Just in time for fall, indigenous Seminole pumpkins can be found at the farmer's markets. These hard skin squash are suited to our hot humid weather and are tastier and sweeter than any other pumpkin. I cut them in half, roast them and turn them in pies or custards by blending until smooth.

Good for more than smoothies and adult beverages, a blender is useful for everything from baby food and purees to bread crumbs and chopped nuts. Whipping up Pumpkin Honey Custard is as easy as blending cooked pumpkin with milk, eggs, honey and a bit of cinnamon. Did you know you can blend in a mason jar?

Make individual servings by filling jelly jars and baking them in a water bath. The smaller jars are perfect for snacks and desserts while the large one makes a great breakfast on the go. The canning funnel makes it easier. The Custard can also be baked in a large flat casserole. Well, time to get these in an oven.

Our second blender recipe will have you seeing green – Cream of Green Soup. This magical soup that gets adults or children to eat zucchini starts with three basic ingredients – water, zucchini, and onions. It only takes 10-15 minutes until they’re tender. Cool slightly. Blender tip – never blend hot food.

Pour a cup of water into the blender jar and then your cooked veggies with the water. Blender tips – put liquids in first to help the food blend better, always use the lid and always hold the lid down. Add lemon juice, cashew butter and a dash of salt. Finish by pureeing smooth.

Through the magic of television, the Cream of Green Soup is blended, warmed and ready to ladle. The Pumpkin Honey Custards are out of the oven, cooled and ready for their lids.

That’s all for today – try to BLEND a little more often this month – use your creativity and imagine all the tasty food you can whip up. Think of your blender as a jumpstart for any meal

Join me Saturday morning, October 20th at the Haile Farmers Market’s Kitchen Corner. I will be doing a demo and letting everyone taste these recipes. And I will see you next month On You Grow It, I’ll Cook It for a Community Cooking Lesson using your whisk.