Zero-Waste Holiday Season: Recycle Christmas Items

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 6:26 PM EST
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During the holiday season, there's an increase in materials being sent to landfills. While it's the season of giving it's also a great time to recycle holiday items.

Ornaments, lights and other decorations must be removed from real Christmas trees before they're placed curbside to be recycled. Fake Christmas trees are not recyclable.

"Whether it's the holidays or otherwise recycling is definitely one of the things we promote as a way to reduce what we're sending to the landfills and there are other benefits as well in terms of reduction of the use of resources like water and trees and oil for the plastics there's many good reasons to recycle," said Patrick Irby, Interim Director for Solid Waste and Resource.

As for lights Irby says in the past there were collections bins to recycle Christmas lights at local scrap metal facilities but that is no longer an option. For more information on holiday items that can be recycled visit

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