Gainesville Regular Election Ballot Item: City Charter Review Commission

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)- Early voting locations are now open for the City of Gainesville's regular election

This year's ballot is shorter than the one voters filled out in November.

Voters will be casting their votes for mayor and city commissioner district 4.

There is also an amendment where voters will decide whether or not to create a city charter review commission.

This would be a group of 11 volunteers who apply and are chosen by the city commission to review and propose amendments to the city charter every ten years.

“This is an opportunity for the people to take a good look at the charter and to be a topic of conversation in the community for several months and I think it's a good idea to review documents like this on a systematic and orderly basis,” Harvey Ward, current City of Gainesville Commissioner, said.

Supporters of the amendment say it gives a chance to change something that has stayed the same for several years.

Other voters are opposing the amendment saying there has to be a pressing problem to be solved if it's passed.

“What we end up with is a commission possibly choosing people that will fulfill this commission's political agenda to do whatever it wants to with the charter. That's a lot of trust, for what? For why?” Gary Gordon, a former mayor/commissioner, said.

Early voting is from now until March 16th.

Election Day is March 19th.