Several published reports say MindTree CEO & Co-Founders have resigned

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Gainesville tech community will be without one of the companies that helped it grow.

MindTree announced they were placing a location in Gainesville back in 2012, and now that the company will be relocating in a few months there are many unanswered questions.

Multiple published reports say that MindTree's CEO and co-founders have resigned, and sources have told TV20 that the Indian multi-national company's office based in Gainesville will be leaving by the end of the year.

"I know that a number of their employees were here on a work visa from India. They also trained a number of US citizens and Gainesville residents," said Todd Chase, former Gainesville commissioner.

Chase says MindTree helped grow the technology scene here in Gainesville.

The company focuses on e-commerce and technology and planned to have 100 employees with hopes to expand to 400 employees.

"The Gainesville tech area has grown and they're a part of that, they're a part of helping it grow so hopefully there will be some opportunities for some of the people," said Chase.

MindTree is located in the University of Florida's Innovation Square on 2nd Avenue.

TV20 reached out to MindTree for a statement but have not heard back.

"Generally they were a great company to have in town and they certainly helped to continue to move things forward," said Chase.

TV20 received a statement from the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce saying that they will work closely with the company and their employees to try and facilitate a smooth transition, whether that is relocating or finding employment here to stay.

MindTree, an Indian multi-national company that focuses on e-commerce and technology, is relocating their Gainesville location.

Sources tell us MindTree is relocating their facility and have begun talks with their employees about how the relocation will work for them.

The Greater Gaineville Chamber's Vice President of Economic Development, Staci Bertrand, said in a statement, "Mindtree has been a great corporate partner and member of the Greater Gainesville region over the past seven years when they entered the market to create their first US Delivery Center. We are providing support in any way we can throughout the next several months until their final departure at the end of 2019."

MindTree first announced they were putting a location in Gainesville back in March of 2012. They moved into the University of Florida's Innovation Square on 2nd Avenue. They had planned on hiring, initially, around 100 people with plans to expand to 400.