Senior Salute: Trenton Baseball

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 12:48 AM EDT
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Casey O'Dell, Ty Adkins, Wyatt Langford, Trent Becker, Wyatt Duthu, and Jason DeMartino were all members of the Trenton baseball senior class.

Their final game was in March against Newberry, and they didn't know it would be their last game, but they played it like it was.

"On the bus ride there that's when social media blew up. The NBA got canceled and we were like could this be our last game? And it was." Duthu said.

Before the season started the Tigers hoped to capture a state title, which was something they did in 2017.

"We expected to go to state, I was hoping to go really far and win a state championship. It kinda stinks" Becker said.

"I hate it for the kids for the player. Sometimes life throws us a curveball and it messes us up." Trenton baseball coach Scott Hall said.

It'll be interesting when the seniors go to college next year, with the NCAA giving senior spring sport athletes an extra year.

That's something Trenton star and Gator baseball signee Wyatt Langford is excited for though. It's a chance to learn from older guys like former Williston star and Gator baseball player, Austin Langworthy if he decides to come back.

"People like Langworthy, I'll get to play with and I didn't think I would get to, so that's pretty cool"

Most of the players in this group have lived in Gilchrist county their entire lives and the close-knit community is something they're going to miss.

The Tigers have been playing with each other since they could pick up a baseball bat and they consider themselves brothers, maybe not by blood, but by the bond of baseball and that's something that a pandemic can't cut short.