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State Senate takes first step in fulfilling DeSantis' promise on "sanctuary cities"

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) pushes worker protection bill

Border security talks hit stalemate as new shutdown looms

Exclusive with Ivanka Trump: White House says women are the key to global stability

State of the Union guests, topics revealed

Inauguration Day: DeSantis to be sworn in as Florida's new governor

Florida bill would ban smoking on public beaches

Ron DeSantis announces members of Transition Advisory Committee on Public Safety

Senate approves 2018 Farm Bill

Marion County Sheriff on Florida's Attorney General-elect's transition committee

Manual recounts begin in several counties in North Central Florida

Democrat Marihelen Wheeler wins Alachua County District 2 Commissioner race

Error in distribution causes some Gainesville voters to receive wrong ballot

Florida Senate District 12 Race

US Congressional District 2 race

Alachua County sees an increase in early voter turnout

Marion County experiencing record-setting early voter turnout

WCJB-Gray TV poll

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