Adopt-A-Pet: Maura the Dog

Adopt-a-Pet: Bella & Reeses

Adopt-a-Pet: Josie, Two-socks & Willie

Adopt-A-Pet: Allie

Adopt-A-Pet: Jed and J.Lo

Adopt-A-Pet: Syd

Adopt a Pet: Willow and Wendy

Adopt-A-Pet:George, Kurt, Nickie

Adopt-A-Pet: Buford

Adopt-A-Pet: Penny and Sheldon

Marion County Pets: Bettie, Davie, Elliot

Adopt-a-Pet: Shelby

Adopt-a-Pet: Holden & Harper

Marion County Pets: Jane, Caramel and Gordo

Alachua County Adopt-a-Pet: Elle

Adopt-a-Pet: Huckleberry and Theodore

Adopt-a-Pet: Bones the dog

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