Tech Tuesday

Laundry? There's an app for that

Tech Tuesday: Maku bringing CBD oil into the future

Verizon reports texting service repaired after East Coast outage

Tech Tuesday: BehaviorMe making reality a little easier for kids with autism

Nine apps parents need to be aware of to combat online predators

Tech Tuesday: Precision One Health

Tech Tuesday: Producing podcasts for business 101

Tech Tuesday: How to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay healthy

Gainesville man is connecting you to your next fishing trip

PK Yonge robotics team gives away special toys to disabled children

Gainesville program empowers women in tech and engineering

Gainesville startup brings augmented reality to special events

"Scout" GPS, invented in Gainesville, does more than your average tracker

UF student invents electric bike different from the rest

UF alum, engineer, invents device that stops carbon emissions

Local soup company wins $10k from Cox

App connects lawn care professionals and homeowners

Cade Prize 2018: Winner aims to boost Florida orange groves

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