Farm Fact: Elver Hodges

Farm Fact: Grapefruits in Florida

USDA releases anticipated August report

Florida's two day spiny lobster sport begins

Farm Fact: America's favorite veggie the potato

The University of Florida is expanding an online gardening class

Farm Fact: Environmental Stewardship Award

Farm Fact : Sunflowers

USDA working 'feverishly' on multi-billion dollar aid package for distressed farmers

Swallowtail Farm holds 10th annual spring festival

NCFL senator introduces bill for industrial hemp program

Cattle deaths prompt product withdrawal by the Department of Agriculture

Farm fact : Agtech

The Haile Plantations Farmers Market add local crafters

Farm Fact: Ornamental Horticulture

Farm Facts 09/11/18

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Farm Facts 06/26/18

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