Farm Fact: CARES Program

Farm Fact: Organic Farming

Farm Fact: Alachua County Farm Bureau Food and Agricultural Festival

Farm Fact: Biosecurity Management

Farm Fact: Agricultural Inspection Stations

Farm Fact: 78th Annual Florida Farm Bureau Meeting

Farm Fact: "Through the Voice of the Farmer"

Farm Fact: Elver Hodges

Farm Fact: Grapefruits in Florida

USDA releases anticipated August report

Florida's two day spiny lobster sport begins

Farm Fact: America's favorite veggie the potato

The University of Florida is expanding an online gardening class

Farm Fact: Environmental Stewardship Award

Farm Fact : Sunflowers

USDA working 'feverishly' on multi-billion dollar aid package for distressed farmers

Swallowtail Farm holds 10th annual spring festival

NCFL senator introduces bill for industrial hemp program

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