Why you should revisit your estate planning documents.

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Estate Planning is for everyone and is so much more than wills. Preparing your estate plan allows you to decide how you want to live now and whom you would like to benefit later. Most estate plans include a power of attorney, health care directives and a last will and testament. Estate planning may also include trust-based planning. 

It’s important to remember to revisit these documents at regular intervals in your life. As we grow, our lives can change and some of those changes may warrant an update to the estate plans. Keeping these documents up to date will ensure your wishes are known and carried out.

Reasons To Review Estate Plans

Change of Life Status - Divorce, Marriage, New Child, Change of Job

Death in the Family

You Reached a New Decade

Birth or Adoption

Change in circumstances for you or the person who would be beneficiary.

Medical Diagnosis - Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Developmental Disabilities

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