Does Moss Mess With Tree Growth?

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A classic image of Southern landscape is Spanish moss draping from the limbs of a live oak tree. Although this may add to the charm of aa property, there is a downside to having trees heavily laden with moss. Live moss acts like a sponge absorbing moisture, which increases it’s weight. If a branch becomes too weighed down by moss - you guessed it - the branch will break! Not only could the weight of the moss damage a tree, it physically blocks out sunlight that trees need to grow. In addition, pests such as roaches and rodents may use the moss as a harborage area.

So, how much moss is too much moss? How much is acceptable? That decision is entirely up to you. Florida Pest Control can apply a product that will control Spanish moss. This treatment is less expensive and more complete than hand pulling. If your trees are overwhelmed by Spanish moss and you’d like them treated, contact us.