Has Distance Learning Caused Gaps in Education?

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The global pandemic has been creating challenges in learning for months now. While many students are capable of adapting to a virtual learning environment, many more are not able to adapt so easily. Virtual learning may be causing gaps in your student’s education. Huntington Learning Center has been assisting students in learning since 1977. The center offers academic tutoring services in reading, math, writing, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, study skills, subject-specific tutoring, and exam preparation. For all ages, non-readers work with a teacher on a one-to-one basis in order to ensure they receive the extra level of attention they require. Other basic skills students work with a teacher in a four-to-one setting in order to allow for a balance of individual attention and independent practice. We also specialize in helping high school students prepare for the SAT and ACT. We customize an individualized program to fit each student to increase their test scores so they can get into the college of their dreams.


At Huntington Learning Center, we understand that one size does not fit all students. Our method is a 4-step approach that works and truly sets our programs apart — and we have decades of experience, and countless success stories to prove it. If your student needs a tutor who can provide personalized, one-on-one attention, come to one of our learning centers to find out how we can help enrich his or her academic journey.


At our learning center, each student takes a comprehensive academic evaluation that pinpoints strengths and weaknesses.


Based on the results of the academic evaluation, our tutors develop a personalized learning plan targeted to meet each student’s needs.


Students receive individualized tutoring to help them learn at their pace, on their level, to build skills, confidence, and motivation.


We keep parents and teachers (with permission) in the loop with regular conferences to discuss the student’s progress.

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