Roots Plant Studio offers helpful tips for Winter house plant care

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Roots Plant Studio

Winter is here and that means caring for your indoor plants, and plants that have relocated from outdoors need to adjust. Your light source may have changed, you’re running the heater and humidity will be different, and many plants go dormant or semi-dormant. Here are 10 tips to help care for your plants during the winter months.

1. Cut back on the frequency of watering.

2. Decrease the amount of water.

3. Use room temperature water.

4. Don’t let too much water collect in the saucer.

5. You may have to move your plants if the light source changes or heating sources are close.

6. Rotate them for natural light if need be.

7. Back off on the fertilizer at this time.

8. Hold off on repotting or transplanting.

9. Keep your houseplants away from direct heat sources.

10. Keep them away from any cold drafts.

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