Top 10 reasons to choose United Country-Smith & Associates

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1. Experience

Since 1925, We’ve helped millions sell properties like yours

2. Largest Lifestyle Real Estate Network

Nearly 500 offices and 4,000 Agents nationwide

3. Internet Dominance

Over 3,500 specialty websites rank on page one for buyer searches

4. Broader Exposure

The most comprehensive, exclusive advertising program

5. Advanced E-Marketing

Virtual postcards, social media, and email campaigns

6. Unmatched Print Advertising

An extensive national magazine, newspaper, and direct mail

7. Exclusive Catalog

National distribution and advertising of local listings

8. Niche Expertise

Specialty property experience and marketing programs

9. Buyers

The only national database of more than 650,000 prospective buyers

10. Website Buyer Traffic

Over 3,000,000 visitors each month

Contact Us

Phone: (352) 462-7770

Offices: Trenton, Bell, Chiefland, Newberry & High Springs