Roe V. Wade Anniversary Show held at the Wooly

Roe V. Wade Anniversary Show held at the Wooly

The 6th annual Roe V. Wade Anniversary Show and National Women's Liberation Benefit starts Saturday at 7 at the Wooly.

Pre Election Day in Gainesville

Early Voting Turnout was only up slightly from last year's city election despite there being more voting locations available. Tomorrow is the last day to cast a ballot.

Dogs responsible for death of boy in High Springs set to be euthanized

The two dogs responsible for attacking and killing a two-year-old boy in High Springs on the morning of March 8 are set to be euthanized at Alachua County Animal Services now that a 10-day waiting period is over.

MCSO deputies searching for car-jacking suspect

Deputies in Marion County are tracking down the culprit in a car-jacking late Sunday afternoon.

Levy Bust

A traffic stop in Levy County turned into a drug bust when deputies found a truck full of guns, pills and more.

GRU's debt rating downgraded

A major rating service has downgraded the utility's existing revenue bond debt.

Gainesville Health & Fitness: Office Stretches

In this week's Gainesville Health and Fitness, Zachary Oliver shares tips to help joints and relieve pain at the office.