Target employee says yes to marriage proposal

Sat May 18 20:42:19 PDT 2019

Target employee says yes to marriage proposal

Medical Minute: Strokes

For this week's "Medical Minute" sponsored by North Florida Regional Medical Center, TV20's Dylan Lyons takes us to meet a Neurologist who helps treat strokes.

"What's Up?" with K-Country 2/21/2020

TV20's Haley Wade and Mike Potter check in with our friends at K-Country to talk about pickup trucks and what safety looked like when they were kids.

Ocala residents receive fake 'community water test'

A city in North Central Florida is warning residents to ignore a notice at their door that may be a scam.

Two Alachua County students advance to international science fair in California

After winning top honors at a North Central Florida science fair, the student has qualified for an international fair.


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